Crafted with Passion…

Cory Reynolds here, the creator of Feronia Hand Cream. I was raised on the Spirit of Adventure, DIY culture, and a passion for things that grow. A devoted husband and an Eagle Scout, I have been a gardener by trade for many years and an obsessed rock climber and outdoor enthusiast. Years ago, I noticed that other skin care products for rock climbers were ineffective and quickly used up. With a little research, I realized that my approach to skin care is different from most products in the industry. I choose to look at the whole picture holistically and solve the problem with the source in consideration. So, I sought to make my own hand cream that did what it was supposed to do: moisturize, absorb rapidly, and aid in recovery after climbing, helping to better send the next hard project. What’s more, the hand cream goes a long way, the jar lasts a very long time! I encourage you to try it for yourself and see if you don’t notice the difference!