when do i use feronia hand cream?

Feronia Hand Cream is best used directly after climbing. If dry hands are a continuous issue, applications on rest days may be necessary. Wash your hands of chalk and grime before applying if possible. Never use soap, even biodegradable, in natural water sources. If you are unable to wash or rinse, it is still okay to apply the hand cream, it might not absorb as rapidly though. If you are not a climber, use Feronia Hand Cream anytime you would any other moisturizer, you may find that you don’t need to reapply as much as other products.

I’m not a climber, will feronia work for me?

Feronia Hand Cream is designed for anyone who needs to moisturize without softening the skin. Many everyday people will find this beneficial. Construction workers, nurses, gardeners, and even CrossFit goers can benefit from this skin care product.

Why does it look different from last time / why is the texture different?

Feronia Hand Cream is a handmade cosmetic product and is not an emulsion. In fact, the cream is whipped from a more solid balm like texture. This ensures the ease of application. However, the consistency will vary between batches. Not to worry though, Feronia Hand Cream is measured based on weight not volume so you can rest assured you’re getting the same amount each time.

why no water in the product?

An emulsion is the combination of water and one or more oils into a solution. Most skin care products will do this because it keeps the product consistent and water is a cheap ingredient. Furthermore, when water is combined with oils it degrades the shelf life tremendously. Feronia Hand Cream is water free in order to ensure the best quality product on market as well as lengthen its shelf life. You never have to worry about Feronia hand Cream going bad on you!

There is a little oil on the inside of the cap around the screw threads, is it leaking?

No, part of being handmade is also filling and weighing the jars by hand. Sometimes the hand cream can get around the rim of the jar during this process. We do our best to clean up any stray hand cream, however, some drops may get away from us.

What is this disc for under the cap? do i need it?

Simply put, hat thin disc is in place to ensure the hand cream stays in the jar. When kept in places like a backpack, Feronia Hand Cream can jostle around in its jar. No one wants to open their hand cream to find half of on the lid only to fall on the floor. You don’t need it, but it helps.

What is your shipping/return policy?

Purchases through Amazon will utilize their shipping and return policies. If the product is unsatisfactory for any reason, please contact us through the link at the bottom of the page.

Can I order wholesale?

Yes, Feronia Hand Cream is available for wholesale. Please email Cory@climbercrafted.com in order to start the conversation.