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I'm Cory Reynolds the creator of Feronia Hand Cream and an avid rock climber in Colorado's Front Range. Raised on the Spirit of Adventure and and a passion for DIY culture, I noticed other skin care products for rock climbers use junk ingredients and end up being greasy or ineffective. So I sought out to make my own hand cream that actually did what is was supposed to: moisturize, absorb rapidly, and aid in recovery after climbing, helping to better send the next hard project. After much encouragement from friends and fellow climbers, I've decided to sell my hand cream so that other climbers can appreciate the benefits of easily cared for skin. Check out our ingredients list to see why Feronia Hand Cream stands out from the rest!


Cory Reynolds



Carefully chosen ingredients is exactly what makes Feronia Hand Cream stand out from the rest. Naturally and ethically sourced, you can rest assured that this product will fit your lifestyle needs in a way that other products can't compete with. All ingredients are plant based or naturally extracted from the earth and never refined.





Born and raised in Florida, Cory Reynolds quickly grew up with a passion for camping, outdoor adventure, and for things that grow. An Eagle Scout and a dreamer, Cory set out with his wife Amber to Colorado after earning his bachelor's degree in Anthropology where they both fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and all that it has to offer. Having spent much of his adult life as a gardener by trade (among other jobs he held down over the years), Cory soon found much interest in the plant kingdom and applying its uses to people's needs. Meanwhile, the passion for outdoor adventure never ceased as Cory and Amber continued to camp, climb, hike, or otherwise journey across Colorado and its surrounding states as much as possible. This led to the "eureka" moment of devising a hand cream for rock climbers that meets its demand and the rest is history!